Friday, August 08, 2008

July Earnings Report

I had a very successful month in July and I happy to report that it was my highest earning month so far. I received lots of traffic due to the excitement caused by the last contest. It turned out to be very successful because not only did it increase all of my stats, but I think it was what pushed me over the edge by driving more traffic to my blog.

Here are the stats before the contest:

6 Subscribers
Alexa Rating 268,662
Google 3/10
Adsense $4.40
Entrecard Price 512
Project Wonderful Price .09
9 Followers on Twitter
Technorati Authority 93

Stats as of Today 8/8/08:

20 Subscribers (Increase of 14)
Alexa Rating 222,156 (Ranking Up 46,506)
Google 3/10 (No Change)
Adsense $7.56 (Increase of $3.16)
Entrecard Price 512 No Change)
Project Wonderful Price .02 (Down .07)
11 Followers on Twitter (Increase of 2)
Technorati Authority 170 (Increase of 77)

Earnings for July $1077.36
Reviews $765.00
Affiliate Advertising (Commission Junction, Market Leverage, Rocket Profit) $139.56
Google Adsense $172.80

Overall, I am very happy with my stats and earnings and I am looking forward to upping both by the end of August.

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Sherry said...

this is good, you do keep track. I never..

Cathy James said...

I myself am a tracker, and feel that it's important to learn where your business is coming from and how much so that you know where to invest future time.

I've heard a lot about Twitter of late, maybe it's something that I need to check out further.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

That is wonderful that it is paying off for you and you are seeing an increase in profit and traffic. YEAH!

Veggie Mom said...

Congrats to you, and a Happy Sunday!

Ginny said...

Oh wow, you do really well. Good for you!

wiehanne said...

It's always good to do a comparison to know how far we have go. Can't wait to see your next month report. ;)

Tori :) said...

That's awesome!! I am curious how the adsense works...

spygrrl007 said...


Great experiment- I think I will have a contest myself... thank you for sharing this.