Saturday, August 30, 2008

Increase Traffic to your blog by Entering and Winning Contests

I've mentioned this before but I truly believe that the more contests you enter and win, the better your traffic will be. By increasing traffic you will hopefully gain more loyal readers who will possibly click on ads ultimately making you money. There has been much written about this by others, but I really feel like entering and winning contests is what increased my page views so dramatically last month. Last month, I was entering an average of 10 contests nightly. This month I have not had the time to do that and my earnings have suffered, plus I didn't win anything. Here's a great contest that ends today, where you can actually earn cash.

Tha cash is giving away 4 different prizes ranging from $5.00-$25.00.

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cardiogirl said...

How are you certain you will win? Is it just that you enter 10 to 15 contests every day each month with the thought that you increase your chance of winning the more often you enter a contest?

Secondly, the contests I run into make you subscribe to their feed. I really hate that. To me, that's forcing me to increase their feedreader, just so I have a slim chance at winning.

Then I have to go delete my subscription because I didn't want to subscribe to the blog in the first place. It was simply a requirement of the contest.

Have you run into these issues?

Lastly, can you quantify the increase in traffic? For example in June you entered 150 contests had had an average of 100 hits per day.

In July your daily average of hits increased to 120.

What kind of numbers are we actually talking about?

SunEGrl said...

I do enter several contests daily in order to increase my chances. The most contests that I won in one week was 6 contests out of probably 80 entered. Still not bad. If subscribing to a feed is a requirement and it's not a blog that I would regularly want to read, I use the email that I use for surveys and such. In July, my adsense earnings were significantly higher I believe for the most part because of the number of contests I entered. Leaving comments on popular bags has always been a good way to increase traffic and this is the same thing. Then if you happen to win, you get a free link out of it. In August, my earning really decreased because I didn't have the time to commit to entering contests and leaving comments. I really feel that it makes a huge difference. Another problem in August was that my number of posts was down due to the limited time that I had to spend blogging. I'm sure that contributed as well. If it wasn't for the contest that I was hosting, my earnings probably would have been really low.