Sunday, August 03, 2008

I just saved 3x more than I spent at CVS!

Here's the lowdown:

In today's paper, there were coupons for the following:

Dawn Dish Detergent (.50 off) 2 @.38
Pert Plus Shampoo ($2.00 off) 1 @1.99
Covergirl makeup (BOGO) and ($1.00 off)
Clean & Clear products ($1.00 off)
Free CVS Chap Aid (with coupon from yesterday's receipt)
Sure Deodorant (BOGO and 2-$1.00 off coupons)

$4.00 CVS coupon off $20.00 purchase (hint print out coupons by using machine right inside the door, that's where I got the $4.00 coupon)

I didn't buy the toothpaste but that would have been free as well. I'm going back tomorrow to stock up on some more plus spend the extra $1.39 needed to get the $5.00 EC bucks for the Clean and Clear plus I have another $4.00 coupon.

Saved $39.07, spent $13.67. Not bad considering I got all name brand items.

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