Saturday, August 02, 2008

Halloween Costumes for 2008 Boos Cruise

Last night, I went to a Charity Benefit at a local Bed and Breakfast. It was a low key event with a Polynesian theme and there were lots of people there from organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club. One of the girls in my networking group was also there and she has now convinced me to go on a "Boos Cruise" in October. On this cruise there will be a Costume Contest and the grand prize is a free cruise on next year's trip. Well, we have decided that we are going to dress up together to increase our chances of winning. We definitely want to get a jump on everyone else and start looking for Halloween Costumes now. She mentioned Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, but I'm not sure what they would look like. Anyone else have any suggestions? I was thinking an Angel and a Devil, but I don't know. is great because they have lots Plus Size Options.

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Good N Crazy said...

Hey, I've been to your site before glad you found mine! I'm sorry the contest was already over...but there will be more!

Costumes said...

Thats cool, a costume competition on a cruise? Sounds very fun indeed :D