Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Manatees at Blue Springs State Park

Have you ever heard of manatees? Ever seen one? Well, I was looking at Exotic Animal Lover's website the other day and she talks about all kinds of aquatic creatures such as dolphins and whales. I didn't really see any mention of manatees on her site and I thought that although they can be seen frequently swimming in the waters just off the Atlantic Coast most people have never heard of them let alone seen one. Manatees are dear to my heart, not only because they are migrate to my area every winter, but I just think they are adorable.

This picture taken last week from the GoodYear Blimp shows the manatees swimming in V formation just off the coast of Daytona Beach. It was really cool and I had never seen that before.

Every year the manatees travel to Blue Springs State Park starting in Mid November through January to enjoy the constant 73 degree temps of the Blue Springs State Park.

If you are ever in Central Florida, I highly suggest that you stop by Orange City and check out Blue Springs Park. There are plenty of hotels and camping in the area and lots of Natural Florida to see and do.

Feel free to stop by Exotic Animal Lover's site to check out all of the other Exotic Animals that can be found in this amazing world.

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Merqury said...

they are huge, cute and also looks scary sometimes....