Thursday, July 03, 2008

I would love to blog about... asked what specific companies, brands, or products I would like to blog about. Well, I will be happy to tell you and seriously folks I would love to blog about these things. Most of these things I use on a daily basis and would have a very hard time living without.

I would love to blog about products that I believe are truly essential to my diet: Arizon Diet Green Tea, Fuze Slenderize, and Popsicle brand Sugar Free Popsicles. Basically, I would be happy to try any low carb diet product and then blog about it.

I would also love the opportunity to blog about companies who are offering legitimate work at home opportunities: Eharmony, Mystery Shopping Companies, American Airlines, 1-800-flowers or anyone else who is offering a real work at home opportunity.

Other advertisers that I would like to see on are Swiffer(couldn't live without mine), Electrosol(it goes by a new name now but I can't remember so they really do need to advertise), Coke Zero, fuel efficient cars, and Items Made In The USA. The other thing that I think most bloggers would love to blog about would be vacations or travel, so a Travel Website would be great.

I am always willing to check out new marketing or promotional websites so that would also be something that I would be interested in.

What would you blog about?

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