Monday, June 09, 2008

Work from Home as a Vend Natural Distributor

Tired of working day after day in an office and relying on someone else for a paycheck? With Vend Natural you could become an Entrepreneur for a company that you can truly be proud of. Vend Natural has over 25 years experience in the vending industry and they are committed to providing a natural healthy snack to school children as well as anyone who is interested in eating healthy products as opposed to "junk food".

Has you child's school been looking into a natural healthy snack options for a break area? Many schools are now requiring healthy snack options. I know in Florida, there have been several school districts who have been tossing this idea around. I think it's great! Vend Natural healthy snacks include granola, rice cakes, veggie chips, and drinks such as water, organic apple juice, Vitamin Water, and yogurt smoothies to name a few. With selections like that, the machines should be easy to place. I am seriously considering trying to find a distributor in my area so that I can get a machine in my hotel. I think my guests would really appreciate it.

Vend Natural has secured school contracts in the Baltimore, Maryland area so if you are in that area and you are seriously in a distributorship, please click here.

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sean said...

I recently googled organic snacks and came across this blog. This is a very good way to promote healthy eating by way of snacks......

I thought I contact Vend Natural for some more information. Turns out that they have locations all across the U.S.

At the moment they have locations in Philadelphia. I am currently living in Los Angeles so I thought I pass on the words in case anyone might be interested in this location.

If you are interested, contact them or go to their web site,