Friday, June 27, 2008

I lost .8 of a pound...

I know this is kind of disappointing but at least I lost and didn't gain. Well, today I'm going back to my low carb weigh of life(get it) because I truly feel better when I am eating low carb. Not only do I start losing lots of weight, but the swelling in my legs goes down and stays down. The swelling in my legs in addition to the arthritis is what stops me from working out. It is so much pain that to put on tennis shoes and try to walk for an extended period of time is unbearable. I know from experience that after about a week of eating low carb, most of the swelling will be gone and I can then begin to concentrate on working out.

Wish me luck! I'd love to hear from anyone on a low carb diet.

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Christie O. said...

everyone is different, you gotta go with what works! and .8 is awesome! those little guys add up after a while! keep going!

SunEGrl said...

I'm just happy that I lost something and didn't gain. Thanks for the contest, I really appreciate the support.