Monday, June 09, 2008

Flooding in Columbus, Indiana

Severe flooding hit Columbus, Indiana on Saturday evening. The flooding was so sudden and unexpected that people that I knew were actually swept into the current while attempting to drive home. Luckily they escaped after the current pushed their car out of the way and onto a parking lot. Unfortunately, there were others who were not so lucky. The Columbus Republic is now reporting 2 deaths from the flooding. The latest victim is that of Cummins Employee, Steve Gates. He had been missing since Saturday evening when his truck was found wrecked in the floodwater. I feel terrible for his family and co-workers from Cummins Engine Plant.

I learned about the terrible flooding early yesterday morning when I received a call from my mom. I have a very good friend who still lives in Columbus, so I immediately tried to call her. I didn't hear back from her until late Sunday, but when I did she was telling me of the chaos that occurred that night. Her nieces were the ones that were in the car that was pushed out of the way. As the flood waters continued to rise, the local hospital evacuated all of the patients to a local school only to have to evacuate them again to another school. Many of the business were under water, windows broken out and electricity lost to thousands.

Unfortunately, there is more rain on the forecast tonight, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyone will stay out of harms way.

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