Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Create a Free Blog

By creating a Free Blog or personal online journal at Thoughts.com, you can upload photos, videos or pod casts and decide with each blog entry how you would like your entry to be displayed. Thoughts.com allows you to decide if you want your blog to be private, public, or viewable by only friends. I really like this site because thoughts.com put the focus on it's users to discuss news items, post in community forums, and rate fellow thoughts.com users by rating individual blog posts, photos, podcasts, and videos. The most active users will be eligible to win a free paid vacation with other thoughts.com users. You are not allowed to promote blog, websites or any other money making ventures in your blog as this is strictly a personal blog. However, I did not see anywhere that you could not link to another blog or website in your account details. Basically, when setting up your account details you can enter a paragraph about you and I saw nothing that said that you can't put links in that paragraph. I have created a blog for myself at thoughts.com and I invite you to do the same. Although I have not created any entries in it yet, I will as soon as I return home. I invite you to join thoughts.com and add me as a friend. I really like the community forum option because I think that is a great way to get to know people better. See you there. Once you join me, feel free to comment here to get a link to my thoughts.com blog.

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