Sunday, February 17, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring Patrick Henry Hughes

I can't really say that I have every really watched an entire episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition before, but after watching tonights episode I now consider myself a huge fan.

Tonight's episode featured 19 year old Patrick Henry Hughes who plays the in the University of Louisville Marching and Pep Bands. Patrick is amazing... Not only is he blind but he is also unable to fully straighten his arms and legs, which makes him unable to walk. With his fathers help (Patrick John Hughes), Patrick is able to participate in the Marching and Pep Bands. His father learns the routines for the marching band and pushes Patrick in his wheelchair while he plays his trumpet. Patrick not only plays trumpet, but he also plays the piano and sings. (he began playing at the age of 9 months)

On this episode of EM: HE, Ty Pennington and his crew worked with community members to provide Patrick and his family with an accessible home that will give him the freedom to move around without relying on his parents at all times. Extreme Makeover uses local contractors and volunteers to help with the building of the home. Elite Homes and Dauenhauer Plumbing are just a few of the contractors chosen to help rebuild the Hughes home. Also, Fifth Third Bank, in conjunction with these contractors, are paying off the Hughes’ home mortgage. In addition to the new home and paid off mortgage, Patrick received a new all-terrain wheelchair, a new trumpet, and an accessible apartment complete with recording studio.

While the crew was working on the house, they sent the family to London on a vacation. One of the highlights of that vacation, was that Patrick and his family got to meet with the cast and crew of the "The Lion King". During the meeting with the cast, Patrick played the piano and was able to sing along with the castmates. It was so amazing, I had tears in my eyes the whole time.

Patrick's story was so inspiring and I am so thankful to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for making his life a little easier.


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