Friday, February 15, 2008

Advertising Efforts

Recently I was lucky enough to discover Entrecard and Project Wonderful.

Entrecard is basically a networking site that allows you to "drop" business cards on other bloggers. Since finding Entrecard, I have been able to increase my traffic by placing targeted advertising on other blog sites. To date, I have received 597 clicks to my site and it has not cost me a dime. By dropping cards and having cards dropped on me, the cost to advertise my site has increased to 133 credits per day. I have heard some criticism over how the credits are calculated, but I think that it kind of makes sense. If you are a blogger who is not as established as someone such as John Chow or Jeremy Shoemaker, you have to do a little more work to increase ranking. The established bloggers already get tons of traffic, so just by being a member of Entrecard they get tons of cards dropped on them daily which automatically increases their rank. The criticism that I have noticed is that some of the newer bloggers have somehow surpassed some of the more popular bloggers. In my opinion, it all kind of makes sense because the established bloggers are getting drops based on reputation and the newer bloggers are getting drops because they are actively working the site. I think that it just helps to level the playing field a little. Just yesterday, I was lucky enough to get approved to sell advertising packages on Entrecard. Be sure to log in and check out the great advertising packages offered in the Entrecard Shop.

Project Wonderful is an ad network that allows you to bid on ads that are displayed on targeted websites. You can either advertise on blogs or websites that you choose or set up a campaign based on keywords and let Project Wonderful do the work for you. My average advertising cost per day has been running around .40 to .56 and I am receiving an average of 20 clicks per day. I have now decided that I am going to set up a campaign and try additional advertising based on my keyword specifics. Yesterday, I was finally approved to sell ad boxes and while I started my initial minimum bid at only .02 cents, the ads sold quickly and I'm sure they will increase over time.

As you can see, both of these sites are great for delivering targeted traffic for little to no cost. I am so happy to have found them.



ryan said...

Project Wonderful is rather nice, I enjoy using it as well. Also, Entrecard is a huge thing right now. It keeps growing like gangbusters and I hope we keep seeing this kind of success with blogging. It's like the mybloglog of 08'! Let's hope no one named Yahoo acquires it...

renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

hi... great post. i'm getting great results with entrecard as well! i haven't tried project wonderful. but i think it's worth a look, now that you've explained it so well. :-)