Thursday, November 01, 2007

October Earnings Report

Adsense $434.50
Commission Junction $107.76
Ebay $419.65
Mystery Shopping $135.00

Total Earnings for October $1096.91

Not bad for just starting out, plus I was working alot at the hotel this month so I didn't have much time for promotions. This week, I am working at the fair so I will be passing out my business cards that I ordered from Vista Print. That will hopefully bring me some more traffic.


hipmommy said...

Hi SunEGrl! You are the lucky winner of my 3rd contest @ Hip Mommy's Place. I just you sent you an email.

It looks like that you have been very lucky lately:-) I am so amazed of how much you earned in the month of October. Congrats! Maybe you can share some of your tips with me. I am interested in Mystery Shopping. Can you talk to me about it? Thanks! Keep in touch.

Javi said...

Hi Sungirl, congratulations on the earnings! You make newbie bloggers like myself want to strive harder. :D

Chic Girl said...

I answered your fashion question yesterday!