Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Mystery Shops

Here are a couple of new Mystery Shops that are going on right now.

Service Performance Group has Mattress Giant Shops available in many cities. The pay is $18.00 and there is no purchase required. Attention to detail and timely reporting are a must. You must fill out the required agreement to sign up for their email job boards, but it is a good company to work with.

Bare International has quite a few shops available. Everything from Health and Fitness Shops with LA Fitness or Ballys to restaurant shops with Chili's. This is a great company that I have done several shops with.

Most companies assign shops based on a rating system based on previous shop activity. Most restaurant shops require at least a shop rating of 5.

Good luck and have fun. As always there is no fee to sign up to shop with any of the companies that I work for.

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