Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Cool Thing Happened Today

As many of you know, I am a full-time Hotel General Manager by day and a blogger and entrepreneur by night. This morning I came in to work, and I was so excited to see a couple of cars from the Richard Childress Racing Team. The Holiday Inn and Jack Daniels car were both there, now granted these are only show cars but it was still cool to see them sitting in my parking lot. Apparently, they were on their way to Homestead this weekend and needed a place to stay. As you can see, I couldn't resist a picture in front of the trailer of the Holiday Inn car. (I know it's kind of hard to see because I'm kind of in a shadow from the sun.) Anyway, the gentleman who drives the truck was so sweet to take my picture and then he gave me some flyers to give to my staff. Go Jeff Burton!!

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Ed said...

Very Cool! Where do you manage? I always stay at Holiday Inns when I travel!
Grace and Peace,