Sunday, December 09, 2012

Book Review: Selling Outside The Square

 I just read this book and have taken some of the steps that Bob outlines and put them to work.  What I have found is that his strategies, while simple and easy to follow, actually do work.  He talks alot about Generation Me and what we need to do to sell to this generation and he's spot on.  I specifically liked the question statements and have found those very useful not only in my side business but also in my day job.  This book is easy to read and his strategies are easy to follow. No matter what product you are selling, I would recommend this book for anyone involved in sales or marketing.

This book is extremely helpful for sales professionals but it also has a great amount of humor laced throughout the book which makes it a good read for anyone that deals with people on a daily basis.  As a hotel management professional, I can see a number of his strategies working for hotel sales and catering departments as well as front desk clerks and managers.

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