Friday, September 07, 2012

Walgreens Reward Program

 I love Walgreens!  Not only do they have great sales but for a relatively small store they usually have a pretty good selection of things that I need.  At least twice a week I go in there looking for either diapers or other baby products as well as my Arizona Diet Green Tea.  Now, I will be getting rewards for all of my purchases.  Yay!!

Have you registered for the new Rewards Program at Walgreens?  I just did!!
Save, Earn, Redeem, 
in store and online beginning September 16.
Save on sale items each week
Earn points on thousands of items, including
every prescription and immunization*2
Get points when you Walk with Walgreens*3
Redeem points for items you love
Pre-enroll before September 15 and you could win 1 million points.*4
Sign up NOW.

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Rewards Program said...

Even I love to do shopping from Walgreens. This is the only brand which offer time to time rewards program to their customer. And, I just want to know that is there any walgreens store in Australia.