Sunday, January 01, 2012

Identity Fraud can be a Life Changer

 Recently, I've been hearing more and more about identity theft on a local level.  I know it's always been around, it's just never happened to anyone that I knew.  However, that has now changed because just in the last two weeks I was made aware of two cases of identity theft and now these people are working through the challenges of trying to straighten this mess out.   I found out about the last one on Friday and it appears that the grandson of a man that I know shares the same name as his grandfather.  He then took on credit cards, loans, etc and went on a huge spending spree.  See no-one caught on right away because he actually had id to prove that he was the name of the person on the cards, however the social security number attached to the cards belonged to his grandfather.  Needless to say, this poor man is now dealing with a financial and personal nightmare.   He did not catch on until he started getting collection letters, however if he had a credit monitoring service or at least checked his credit report every so often he would have found out what was going on.  So, I would strongly advise you to get your free credit score and be aware of what's going on in your credit file.  Identity theft could change your life forever and could threaten your financial security for years to come. 

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