Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Convenient pool supply shopping

 Our hot tub at the hotel has been driving me nuts.  The heater broke a little over a week ago and we thought it was caused by the motor not rotating the water as it should so we called a repairman as the motor was under warranty.   Having always bought our equipment at a local company we decided to try them first.  They sent out a repairman and he tried to fix it and then ended up breaking a pipe which in turn involved the water in the hotel being shut off.  Luckily, we were able to get the pipe temporarily repaired and the water back on.   That was a week ago, and it's still not fixed because today we find out that the heater itself is bad.  The repairman who I have completely lost faith in quoted my maintenance guy a price of around $3000.00.  Thinking that it was ridiculous, I decided to look into better pricing.  I definitely found better pricing on everything from the heaters to the pool filters.

One of the companies that I found is an online company that offers pool chemicals and pool supplies at warehouse pricing.

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