Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Urgent Insurance Mystery Shops Available

This is through IntelliShop.   Looks like a pretty easy shop to me if you live in a city that has a Geico provider. 

Shop Details:
* YOU will choose the CLOSEST Geico Insurance provider to shop! They DO NOT require you to shop a SPECIFIC location.
* You will ask about HOMEOWNERS and CAR Insurance coverage. Therefore, you MUST OWN A HOME AND CAR.
* AFTER the shop has been performed, you will take a picture of the LOCATION and ANY SIGNAGE in their windows.
* A business card is also REQUIRED.

The form is SHORT and EASY to submit! Plus, YOU CHOOSE the closest location!

Shop pay is $15.00!

Shop Requirements:
* LEASE/OWN a car!

You must meet the following qualifications to apply for this shop:
* Your Shopper Rating must be at least 5
* Your age is from 35 to 64 years
* Your Annual Income is $50000  or More


Business Type/Name: Insurance
Due Date : 12-13-11
Shop cannot be performed BEFORE 12-01-11

Available Shops:
* AZ: Anytown->

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