Monday, December 12, 2011

New Mystery Shopping Reality Show on Food Network

Starting next week there will be a new Mystery Shopping Reality Show on Food Network called "Mystery Diners".

Business Evaluation Services has been featured by the Food Network to shoot a pilot on mystery shopping for the food industry.

The Pilot episode is called “Mystery Diners” and will air on the Food Network on the following dates:

December 14th at 10:00 PM

December 15th at 1:00AM

December 16th at 11:00PM

December 17th at 2:00AM

December 18th at 6:30PM

The episode will show several instances where hidden cameras capture employees, providing poor customer service, theft and inappropriate behavior while on-duty.

I personally can't wait for this show to come out because I'm sure it will bring a lot of great publicity to mystery shopping as an industry. Let me know what your thoughts are if you see it.

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Anonymous said...

Just watched it. Looks really fake and set up for TV.

Anonymous said...

The situation is very real. Of course it's set up for TV. It's TV!