Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gestures of GoodWill

This time of year is especially hard for families in need so it's always nice to see people doing things to help those that are less fortunate. Whether it's the Central Florida families that are homeless due to job loss, children in the foster care system or simply those who find themselves on hard times it's nice to see so many people giving back. As you know, I am in the foster program so I frequently browse in my community looking for people who are getting rid of kids clothes or toys; so can you imagine my surprise and delight when I started seeing a large number of posts for people offering NEW toys for both boys and girls. At first I thought it was just one person that maybe bought too much or no longer needed the toys for some reason, but then I noticed that there were multiple user ids posting about new toys, stocking stuffers, wrapping paper, etc. Now I never saw a post go out suggesting that people do this, but it appears to me that these people just brought it on themselves to help make someones Christmas a little brighter. When I realized what was happening, it actually brought tears to my eyes because I can only imagine how someone who is really struggling might feel if they saw those posts offering FREE gifts. So, from the bottom of my heart, I applaud those people that took it upon themselves to help make Christmas a little brighter for some of the children in our community. Be sure to check out the Important Announcements section of my blog for the latest contest announcements.
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