Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stress Relief

It's been a very stressful week this week with the well problems, my parents going home, work issues and general money issues so I decided that I needed some major stress relief. There are a variety of ways that I try to destress, so here we go...

#1 Spending time with friends. Last night I went out for drinks with a couple of my friends and we laughed and had a good time and I didn't think about my problems at all.
#2 Spending time at home with a good book or funny movie and Makenzee on my lap. Wednesday night I stayed at the hotel because I had no water and I left Makenzee here because I figured he would be more comfortable, but I think that was a big mistake. Even though I had a book, the fact that I was alone in the hotel room made me feel alone and gave me more time to think. If I had Makenzee with me, I would have been concentrating on him a little more and thinking about my problems less. Plus, the purring is a huge stress reliever.
#3 Exercise is by far one of the greatest stress relievers. After I finish exercising, I always feel so much clearer, I have more energy and I just feel happy. Must be the release of endorphins, but whatever it is IT WORKS.
#4 The tanning bed has proven to be a solid stress reliever for me. I don't know if it's the Vitamin D or just the fact that I get to relax and fall asleep for 12 minutes and then when I was up I just feel completely refreshed. Whatever it is, it is still one of my favorite stress relievers even though I know the tanning bed is proven to cause cancer. I figure if I'm going to die, I might as well die happy. Right?
#5 Affirmations are another great source of stress relief. I try to do a number of affirmations throughout the day and yesterday I was really concentrating on doing them and I really think that it made me feel better. "I have an abundance of money for everything that I need" "I have an abundance of money for everything that I need" lol, whatever...I think it works. "I have the love of a good man" --Still working on that one. lol

So, what are some of your favorite stress relievers?

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