Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rough couple of days

Wow, it has been a rough couple of days for me. On Tuesday, I went to an After Hours event and when I returned home I found that I had no water pressure. I called the well repair people the next day and found out that it was going to be $600-$700 for the repair of the jet and they were going to have to pull the well. They ended up having to pull the well by hand because my neighbors wouldn't let them go through their yard so it ended up costing me $902. So now I leave on my cruise in 2 weeks and I will have no spending money to take with me. Looks like I will be drinking iced tea and water the whole time. Luckily, it was paid for long ago or I would have to cancel. In the meantime, I'm so down in the dumps about everything going on that I have been overeating left and right and I've probably gained at least 5 pounds back. I'm back on the wagon tomorrow though.

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