Monday, August 03, 2009

OMG, I just won a $100.00 Target Gift Card

I just won a $100.00 Target Gift Card from by entering the word of the day!!! I am so excited!!! I love the show, so the Summer Giveaway is just an added bonus.

Be sure to check out the Important Announcements section of my blog for the latest contest announcements.

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Sherry said...

so happy for you :)

oh yeah have you send EC for the contest I won at Sherry Contest?

Sherry said...

you was the sponsor of the contest.

Poem said...

Nice blog do you have friend and I Just drop EC Care to exchange link, Best regards Poem

Whitney said...

congrats on the gift card!
you deleted my button from your blog? lol. i still had yours up.

SunEGrl said...

Whitney, what button are you? I'll add you back. I don't even remember deleting it, but I've been having some problems recently and might have done it on accident.

Sherry, how many credits was I supposed to give you? Let me know and I'll send them right away. Forgot all about that. Thanks for reminding me. Love ya