Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marketing Solutions for the Not So Savvy

I am not a born sales person, nor will I ever be one. However, I have been pretty successful in hotel sales because I rely on my personality and business reputation to overshadow my lack of sales experience. However, if you are doing sales for a business that relies on lots of cold calls you might need a little help. There are companies that can actually help you with everything from lead generation to sales training. Blueberry Marketing Solutions is one of those companies and they focus on helping you to present your products or services in order to win customers, increase revenue and grow.

They provide the following services:

* Appointment Making
* Lead Generation
* Database Cleaning
* Customer Maximisation
* Sales Training
* Market Research

As a person who is looking to start my own company, I can see that much of this would be very helpful. First of all the lead generation could really help me save time on research and the appointment making could take care of that initial crucial contact with potential clients. With their guide to telemarketing , they can help you effectively reach your targeted customer in an effort to increase sales and revenues much quicker.

As a Special Offer, Blueberry Marketing Solutions Ltd is offering you a free sales and marketing review. All you have to do is let them know that you heard about them at SunEGrl Loves To Shop.

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