Monday, July 27, 2009

Frugal Living for your vehicle

Here are a couple of simple ideas for frugal living for your vehicle.

Own one vehicle if at all possible-If both husband and wife work, see if there is an option for car pool or if one person can drop off the other the way to and from work. Having more than one car is obviously double the expense and can sometimes be overlooked as an alternative.

Look for used first-It could be a used car or used auto parts. Whether it is a rebuilt motor or transmission or simply used body parts from a local junk yard, there is big saving to be found by looking for used auto parts. Where can you find these parts? Well, take for example a used transmission for a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. You can actually find them at a site that is dedicated to helping you find the perfect chevy transmission. This particular site makes it super easy to find the transmission you need and who wouldn't want to save money in a recession.

Keep your tires inflated and your vehicle properly maintained to optimize your gas mileage.

Wash your car at home, not at the local car wash. This will save an average of $5 per week.

Buy a smaller car, tires and parts are usually less expensive and you will save money on gas as well.

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