Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shoplifters and Security Cameras

Last night, I was watching the 10 o'clock news before I headed off to bed. One of the stories that they were showing was the one about the Florida mom who showed her kids how to shoplift and then bailed on them when they got caught. Another one was a lady in New Smyrna Beach that got caught shoplifting a shirt from a department store. It was kind of humorous actually. She took the shirt off the hanger, hung the hanger up and then turned her back to the camera and then stuck it in her clothes. Did she really think that by turning her back she was going to hide her stupidity from the camera? All in all, she stole several items from the department store and while she was walking out of the store, a loss prevention officer tried to detain. A struggle ensued, and she cut the loss prevention officer on the hand with a kitchen knife. I just don't understand the thinking behind that, because now thanks to the excellent Security Cameras that were in the store, her picture is plastered all over the news and she is not only wanted for shoplifting but a hanfull of other more serious charges. She was stealing clothes!!! Not food, not something needed to survive, but clothes!!!

More and more stores are having security cameras installed due to the large increase in shoplifting incidents. You are also seeing more and more of them in small business to prevent thefts or other destruction. Luckily the technology nowadays is so great, that if the cameras capture an image the suspect is more than likely going to get caught.

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