Sunday, December 07, 2008

Telescopes make great gifts

I really that I had a little boy to buy for because telescopes make such great gifts. Not only are they great for little boys and big boys, but it makes relationship building even easier. Imagine... you are a guy and you are really into astronomy, how romantic would it be to cuddle up in the back yard with your lady and look at the stars. From a woman's perspective I think that would be really cool. The only thing that would make that even more perfect would be to add the perfect bottle of wine.

For women, maybe you know your guy is into astronomy but he doesn't have a telescope, a telescope would be a great gift for him. There are many different kinds out there: refractor telescopes, reflector telescopes, newtonian telescopes, cassegrain telescopes, dobsonian telescopes, catadioptric telescopes, and maksutov telescopes.

The other day one of the drugstores had a really nice refractor telescope for $14.99. I'm sure it wasn't as nice as the ones that you buy at Optics Planet, but for the price it seemed like such a great deal.

Optics Planet is the premier site for all things involving telescopes. Not only do they offer free UPS Shipping on orders over $29.95, but they also offer knowledgeable customer service, a wealth of product information, and product reviews provided by experts in the industry. In addition they offer complete buying guides, a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, a special return policy for the holiday season, and so much more.

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