Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Online Degrees

A couple of years ago my friend was going to college online and I thought she was crazy. Who does that? Right? Wrong!! Apparently, lots of people are earning an online degree from reputable schools without stepping foot in a classroom, without having to hire a babysitter, and without even having to get dressed.

Online schools are an excellent option because they can provide more career opportunities as well as fulfill a lifelong dream. If you want to make a career change or study a longtime area of interest, you can do this online without leaving your day job. Once you graduate you will have an increased salary over others without a college degree. Degree Hound is great because they can help you find the best college to fit your needs. They have everything from Associate Degrees to MBA's as well as Program Areas that range from Art & Design to Technology. My friend graduated from Kaplan University but you could also choose from Strayer University, Capella University and several more. If you are looking to make a career change, now is the right time.. The idea of going to school online is great for people who are always pressed for time because you can go to school at your convenience.

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