Monday, October 13, 2008

Air Mattresses for Hotel Stays

Have you ever gone to a hotel and tried to stuff so many people into the room that you end up using a couple of air mattresses? I have. My first trip like that was when I went to Cancun in 1998, we had a room with 2 beds and there were five girls. Rather than pay for a rollaway, we used an air mattress. The same thing has happened many times over the years because girls on a budget would rather spend more money on having fun than on renting rollaways or additional rooms. As a Hotel Manager, I really don't want to know if people have air mattresses in their rooms but over the years I have seen many people use them. As long as they are moved out of the traffic area in the event of a fire, I don't really see a problem with using them.

What about you, have you ever used an air mattress in a hotel?

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