Saturday, September 06, 2008

Items Made In The USA shipped anywhere in the world

You know how I am huge supporter of Items Made In The USA but I just found out that you can purchase those items and have them shipped anywhere in the world. The website can eliminate the difficulties encountered when purchasing from US retailers. If you find that many US retailers will not ship overseas or that international shipping charges are very high, then Access USA can help to solve those problems. Access USA provides you with a genuine US street address that is unique to you. This is not a Post Office Box but is your very own street address that US retailers will accept as a valid shipping destination. They can also consolidate multiple purchases into a single package, saving you more money on shipping which can result in savings of up to 70%.

I think this is a great service for military personnel or anyone who will be traveling for an extended period of time. You can also purchase select magazines at up to 80% off. Their personal shopping service can also take care of your purchases for you if you don't have a credit card. Once you are set up you will have access to a member web page that gives you complete control over your shipping preferences.

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