Thursday, September 25, 2008

GMC Trucks

My dad bought a new GMC Sierra in 2006 right around the same time that I bought my Ascender. When he bought it, he was trying to downsize the number of vehicles that he had and eventually get down to a maximum of 3 vehicles. At that time, he had around 7. He is now down to 4 and he absolutely loves his Sierra. It is the GMC Sierra with 2 full doors so it is very easy for 4 or 5 large people to fit into. He has brought it to Florida a few times now and he still marvels at the gas mileage that it gets. In actuality, it gets better gas mileage than my midsize SUV. Crazy, huh? On road trips he averages 22 mpg and my SUV averages 20. Did you know that Sierra is the only full-sized pickup to get 300 horsepower and EPA estimated 20 mpg highway from a V8 engine? Well, now you do. The truck rides extremely smooth and looks extremely impressive. My nephew Bryce loves the wheels on my dads truck and he loves to ride in it. If you are looking for a New GMC in Manchester NH, be sure to check out Werners GMC in Manchester New Hampshire. They have a huge GMC inventory sure to fit all truck personalities from pickups, crossovers, and all sizes of SUV.

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