Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures of Flood Damage From Our Area

The Orange City Post Office is still surrounded by water.

The Orange City Hospital experienced drainage problems but did not get water inside. The Emergency Room access was inaccessible to ambulances for a short time while workers attempted to clear the area.

This is the parking lot of Debary Villas. One of my employees lives here but luckily her apartment was not flooded.
This is what the area looked like when the water was still flowing over it. They have been pumping the water out by using tanker trucks. I still haven't figured out where they are taking all of that water.

Another photo just to give you some perspective about how much water is out there. This is a neighborhood in DeBary. Unfortunately, it looks like it will only get worse for those neighbors who live on or near the St. Johns River. The river is still rising and is not expected to crest until late Wednesday.

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