Monday, August 04, 2008

Mystery Shopping Monday

Each week, I will be featuring some tips for getting started in Mystery Shopping. I started doing this about 5 years ago and while Mystery Shopping won't make you a fortune it does help to cover some of the expenses that you might normally incur such as date night or shopping excursions.

To become a successful shopper requires meeting deadlines, good grammar skills, honesty, and regular communication with your scheduler. It is important to submit complete, accurate and objective reports and maintain confidentiality among all parties. A good shopper will ask questions if needed, BEFORE completing their assignment but AFTER reviewing ALL the instructions.

Essential equipment: Computer with internet access, Microsoft Word and Excel Programs, reliable transportation. Also helpful are fax machine, cell phone, digital camera.

Use an assignment log to keep track of your assignment start dates and due dates as well as when checks are due to be received.

Develop an email account specifically for your mystery shopping business. Once you get recognized as an established shopper, you will start getting daily and weekly emails with potential job assignment.

Get your Gold Certification through MSPA (it will open up so many more jobs)-Mystery Shopping Providers Association is the largest professional trade organization dedicated to improving service quality by using anonymous resources. The Mystery Shopping Providers Association provides education to their shoppers and offers Gold and Silver certifications to shoppers who successfully complete certain required education. The Gold Certification demonstrates your level of commitment and can aid in increasing desirability as a shopper for scheduling considerations. If you are interested in becoming a certified shopper from the MSPA, please visit their website,

3 Companies that are hiring right now.

Confero Mystery Shopping
Insula Research-This is a new one for me, but they have lots of jobs open so it looks good.

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Sassy Mama Bear said...

I would do this but my area is a virtual dead zone for most options, and with gas prices now I can't afford to drive to another city to complete the shops. still a great idea though if you are in a good area.

Cathy Stucker said...

Dena, thanks for a realistic post about mystery shopping. It is not a way to 'get-rich-quick' but it can provide a supplemental spare-time income, and some of the extras.

The companies you mention are good, reputable companies. There is a list of nearly 200 legitimate mystery shopping companies at

To add a tip or two to your excellent advice:

Never pay a fee to register with any company. Legitimate companies do not charge you.

Be open to trying a variety of shops. The more flexible you are, the more money you can earn.

I'm looking forward to your future tips!