Sunday, August 31, 2008

Make Money With Earn Easy Cash

Earn Easy Cash is a Paid To Click(PTC) that allows members the chance to earn money by clicking ads, referring other members, paid forum posts, and much more. In addition, it allows advertisers the opportunity to market their websites or blogs in a very inexpensive manner. For example, 1000 hits can be purchased for as low as .50 cents. They also have weekly contests for both advertisers and members as well as a low $1.00 minimum payout. Earn Easy Cash PTC is like many other PTC sites in that it pays you to click on ads, but one thing in particular that I like about this site is the ability to get paid for posting on forums. I would much rather participate in forums if I was getting paid for my participation. My other favorite benefit is the ability to earn 20% of all referral's earnings. That could really add up over time and that is what I look for. In the forum section, you can even buy sell and trade referrals. That is something new that I haven't seen in other PTC sites. They also have a wall of shame section that is dedicated to exposing cheaters. I think that is really cool.

Special Price Discounts are available, you can currently purchase 1000 PTR Credits( $2.5 Value), 2000 X-Credits( $1 Value), 12000 Link Credits($6 Value) all for the low purchase price of $3.50!

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