Saturday, August 02, 2008

Have you heard about Performancing Ads?

Have you heard about Performancing Ads? PerformancingAds is a state of the art ad network, built from the ground up, by experienced publishers and advertisers. There is no cost to sign up. Everything I've heard about this so far has been great. They even have a wonderful high paying affiliate program with lifetime recurring income.

If you sign up under me to Make Money With PerformancingAds by August 10th, then I will be the first to buy an ad from you when you get listed on the publisher marketplace.(up to $10.00 ad price) That's like getting a free $10.00 bill.

Once you have signed up, just leave a comment here and I will go over and advertise on your site. Hopefully we can both make lots of money from this great new opportunity. Note: Performancing Ads does not work with blogger because it does not support PHP. Bummer! If you have Wordpress or other PHP supported websites, I will be happy to advertise on those.


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