Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Love About Being a Hotel General Manager

1. Great travel discounts ($39.00-$59.00 anywhere I want to go)
2. I love hotels!
3. I have a very flexible schedule
4. I get to meet interesting people (I love people, especially nice ones)
5. I get to see the bridal parties as they head out for their big day
6. I go on cool business trips(went to NYC a couple of years ago)
7. My staff is great!
8. I get lots of freebies.(got a free mattress in February)
9. I get to go to all kind of neat events to promote my business
10. I can stay in the hotel for free anytime I need to.
11. I get to wear sandals to work. (I couldn't do that up north)
12. I have lots of regular guests and I enjoy seeing them on a regular basis.
13. I get to shop for my hotel! (Decorations, linens, home and garden, you name it)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dena,

That's great you have a job you love! That's what it's all about.

I just read your comment about possibly sponsoring a prize for my bloggy birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't receive the email. Would you mind emailing it to me again? I'd love to have another prize to give away!

Thanks for visiting!


SunEGrl said...

Thanks for getting back with me.

Christie O. said...

that is really cool! i'd love to be able to stay in a hotel for free whenever i want! besides that, it sounds like you have a really cool job!