Monday, July 14, 2008

Purses are an addiction

I went to a purse party yesterday afternoon and to me it was almost like a little bit of heaven. Purses, margaritas, brownies, Oh My! Needless to say I did not eat the brownies but I did partake in a couple of the yummy margaritas. Anyway, I got a cute little LV purse but then when I got it home I decided that I didn't really like it so much. It's cute, but I normally like a bigger bag with the double handles that can go over my shoulder. I guess the main reason that I decided that I don't like it so much is that I wanted to use it when I go home next week, but it's not going to be convenient because of the handles. It will be a nightmare to hold on to that thing in the airport in addition to my other bags.

I should have saved my money and gone to Ross and gotten a Kathy Van Zeeland, I probably would have been a lot happier. I love Kathy Van Zeeland purses! They are the fancy looking purses that usually have some kind of crown design either in the fabric or as an emblem on the front. Oh well, I just might have to go to Ross anyway. Kathy is calling my name!

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