Friday, July 11, 2008

Political Comedy?

Who would have thought that you could somehow mix politics with a little bit of comedy? I never would have guessed that it was possible, but somehow Glenn Beck is able to bring the two together and bring you a Summer Political Tour full of entertainment and enlightenment. For more information about Glen Beck, be sure to check out his blog or website. I really like his views about cracking down hard on criminals. I think that many of the problems that we have with violence in this country could be prevented if there were tougher laws and tougher judges to keep repeat offenders in prison.

Don't forget to attend his Dallas show on July 17th. This show will also be broadcast nationally to select movie theaters nationwide on that date, so if you aren't near Dallas be sure to check his website for more information on viewing it in your area.

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1 comment:

Kendrawolf said...

I would think that political comedies would be very hard this year. Or perhaps exceedingly easy consider what 'jokes' both of the candidates are. Congrats on being a Saucy Blog this week!