Monday, July 07, 2008

Linkback Project~Does it work?

Well, here goes. I guess we'll see.

1. The Linkback Project1
2. All About Crime
3. Foolsville4
4. Guy Vestal7
5. SunEGrl Loves To Shop

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Guy Vestal said...


Your name has been added back at the source list. But there is a problem with your post, it needs to be edited. I can suggest that you simply copy and paste the new list from the website by right clicking, and viewing the source. Look for my notes in the source, it tells ya where it is at. :-)

The reason I wrote was to tell you that you have neglected to add your own name down at the bottom of the list. Having your own link coming back to your own link is just another path for a spider or bot to follow. Never cheat yourself time with the indexers. The longer they are here, the more links they gather...

SunEGrl said...

See, I just learned something new!!! Thanks so much. You are very helpful.

EzRich said...

I have listed our URL in my LinkBack project. see

Appreciate it if you could include in your list.


Jie said...

Hello from Malaysia - wish you a great week :-)

I’m # 75.

Don’t forget to go to TLP main list to copy & paste the complate list back to your blog..
Doing this frequently assures maximum link benefit for everyone who joins.
My suggestion is to schedule a visit to once every couple of weeks and add the new participant links.


Daytona Beach Business News said...


My name is Peggy Linton and I am
number 97 on the list. I am looking forward
to the official launch of the
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Again, I look forward to working on this project
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Peggy Linton
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P.S. Don't forget to visit for
the updated list.

Flisha said...

Hi! The list is complete. Hope you could update your blogroll to reflect the rest of us. :)

Random Detox

peggy said...

Hi This is Peggy from . I
am visiting you today because you and I are part of The Linkback Project
found at . The link to your blog can be found
on my site at and I will be putting a
static page up also in the next day or so.

Since joining the project, I have had the oppurtunity to visit a lot of
blogs and I noticed that a lot of those involved in the project include photos
on their sites. I wanted to share a plugin that I recently came across and have
added to my site. Actually a photographer friend introduced it to me .
The plugin is called simpleviewer and can be found at
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I have some pages on my site for you to look at for examples:

Anyway - I just wanted to share this plugin with you - it’s a free plugin
so all the more reason to add it to your site.

Have a great day!


WorldmedTourism said...

I am visiting you today because you and I are part of The Linkback Project.The link to your blog can be
found on my site at My Bloglist.I add you to my list.