Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dirt Devil AccuCharge is Energy Star Rated

As the General Manager of a hotel, I rely heavily on the equipment that will help my housekeepers complete their work as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the things that I insist on in my hotel is that once the bathroom floors are mopped that they also go over the floors with the vacuum to pick up any loose hairs or things that could have been left on the floor by the mop. (I have caught broken glass by using the vacuum as a backup.) Our hotel has a variety of vacuums including brands such as Oreck, Dirt Devil , and Sears. We are now looking for a vacuum for the front desk area so
that we can use it in the evening and still be able to hear the phones. One of the ones that we are considering is the Dirt Devil AccuCharge.
Our hotel is now in the process of converting to a Green Hotel, so everything that we buy has to be Energy Star rated. Well, this cordless handheld vacuum is so energy efficient that it enables a 70% reduction in energy consumption as compared to other cordless vacuums. While this is offered in hand vac and stick vac options, I think the stick vac will fit our needs perfectly. It's light, compact, and fits our energy guidelines. Be sure to check one out for yourself.
Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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Veggie Mom said...

Dena: I'm gonna have to check out that contraption--I sure do need a new vacuum cleaner! BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway. Please don't forget to Share the Comment Love, and tell your bloggy friends to drop by!