Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Do You Market Your Blog?

Do you or have you used pay per click marketing?

I don't currently use this type of marketing but I will say that I did try this last year. I tried with a couple of my websites but unfortunately it was not very successful for me. I know there are many companies out there that provide this type of marketing and one of those companies is Network Solutions.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?
Pay per click advertising, also known as paid search advertising, is quick way to drive targeted traffic to your Web site. When people search for a product or service on search engines, related ads appear on the search results page. You can bid on search keywords which then automatically display your Web site URL when someone searches using the keyword. This means that customers looking for products and services related to your business will see your ad when they search.

How can it help you promote your site?
PerformanceClicks by Network Solutions has two pay per click marketing plans that will drive traffic to your Web site from ads placed on the major search engines. The Guaranteed plan offers a fixed number of guaranteed clicks per month based on the number of clicks you purchase. The Maximized plan brings you the most optimized, relevant clicks for a fixed amount of money you budget for each month that is focused on converting traffic to leads and sales. The Maximized plan is similar to google adword because you bid how much you would like to spend for the advertising.

With PerformanceClicks Marketing you can expect to see increased traffic to increase the potential for leads and sales. You will also see more targeted leads, i.e., customers who are looking for the products and services you sell.

You can expect to see results in 5-10 days from the day your ads go live on the search engines.

What do you think? Are you going to try pay per click marketing?

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allan said...

Hi Sunegrl, great post! Thanks for sharing.

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Nicole said...

If you like PPC marketing, i recommend Google Adwords. However i will not use it because there are many free way to promote your site, just surf around and looking for what are people doing.

Van from said...

Now i more focus on SEO marketing whihc is PPC as u said..and i found that no much keyword traffics gained from there..any ideas?