Friday, February 01, 2008

Ebay announces changes that will affect sellers

Ebay recently announced a variety of changes that will affect sellers.

1. Reducing insertion fees
2. Free Gallery … on all listings!
3. Reduced Feature Plus and Pro Pack fees
4. Increased listing exposure for sellers with great DSRs
5. Pricing discounts for PowerSellers with great DSRs
6. Protection from chargebacks for PowerSellers
7. All addresses are confirmed addresses for PowerSellers on their eBay listings that are paid with PayPal
8. Unlimited PayPal protection for PowerSellers
9. Repeat Feedback credit
10. Rolling 12-month Feedback Percentage
11. Personalized Seller Dashboard

Changes to fees will take place on February 20, 2008. Most fees are being reduced by .05 cents or more, so this is great news for sellers who concentrate on selling low priced items such as my Italian Charm Bracelets. While seller feedback was already very important, it will now be even more so. Unfortunately, it looks as though there will be the possibility of getting even more unjust feedback. It seems that now a buyer can leave negative feedback for whatever reason, and sellers now have no recourse. In the past, we had the opportunity to do a mutual feedback removal but now this will not be an option. If you are selling on Ebay or are considering doing so, I highly suggest that you check out the announcement in it's entirety.


Mo said...

Interesting news. Thanks for sharing it.

And thanks for having your Entrecard featured on my blog today!
from It's A Blog Eat Blog World

Laice said...

Very interesting indeed. Have been more of a buyer than a seller. You have a great blog going there. Saw your forum post over at bumpzee :) thought I will drop by and have a looksee.