Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Great Paying Research Shop for HomeOwners

You must register at the following site in order to be considered for this shop. As always, all Mystery Shopping Companies are free to sign up with.

This shop has very specific requirements so please read carefully.
$200 shop with a performance based bonus of $100.00!!!

Do you own your home and have lived in it for at least 3 months?

If so, you may be eligible for this shop.

Please apply if interested.


We are conducting a special project with Forensic Investigative
Associates (FIA). Their financial client has developed a Quality Assurance
Confirmation Program to monitor compliance of their consumer lending
retail-branches. You will be required to contact a financial institution to
apply for a loan, based on a “dummy” loan scenario prepared by the
financial institution utilizing your property. You will receive
adequate training, including a handbook, videotape and telephone conversations
with FIA personnel who brief you on what to do and what to expect when
you contact the financial institution. To further put your mind at
ease, a toll-free telephone hotline will be available to you if you have
any questions or experience any problems. All loans will be rescinded
within the allotted time period or cancelled upon funding of the loan.
This shop will in no way affect or have impact on your credit rating or
history. You will receive written legal confirmation from FIA and their
client providing you with this information, in the event that it is
ever in question upon completion of the shop.

Most of your participation in this shop can be performed in the comfort
of your home, at your convenience.


FIA will pay directly to you a bonus of $100, if you do all of the

(1) Report each and every contact you have with the branch office in
detail to the FIA Hotline on the same day on which the contact occurred.
(2) Keep all appointments with the branch location (you must not change
scheduled appointments without first obtaining FIA’s permission).
(3) Complete a DETAILED Shopper Contact Sheet for every contact with a
branch employee.
(4) Return all the Materials to FIA within five (5) days of the date of
funding or rescission as the case may be.
(5) If applicable, surreptitiously digitally record ALL telephone
conversations and meetings with the financial institution’s personnel.
(6) Stick with the information provided to you in the scenario; do not
deviate from the scenario without consent from FIA Hotline.
(7) Maintain a professional attitude with the branch employees and the
FIA Hotline.

FIA may, in its sole discretion, pay, but is not obligated to pay, the
bonus in whole or in part, to Applicants who are not in strict
compliance with all of the foregoing requirements.


• You must own your own home, currently live in it and have lived in
it for at least three (3) months.
• The address on your driver’s license must match the address of
the property to be named as collateral in the loan application.
• You must be at least 21 years old. Applicants below the age of 21
may be allowed to participate in the Program as determined on a case-by
case basis.
• If you are over the age of 65, you must be willing to provide your
Social Security Letter of Award.


You are NOT eligible if:
• You are living in a mobile home.
• You have had any direct or affiliated employment or financial
relationship with a bank, finance company or mortgage company.
• The address on your driver’s license does not match the address
of the property to be named as collateral in the loan application.
• The market value of your property to be named as collateral as
collateral in the loan application exceeds $1,000,000.
• Your residence is NOT one of the following: single family home,
condo/townhouse, or duplex.
• You are currently refinancing, or have refinanced, received a line
of credit or taken a second mortgage secured by the property to be used
as collateral within the previous three months.
• You may want to refinance or receive a line of credit secured by
the property to be named as collateral as collateral in the loan
application within the next six months.
• You are over 65 years of age and unwilling to provide Social
Security Letter of Award.

Thank you!
LaTanya Green
Account Manager

No restrictions on this shop.


Business Type/Name: Research
Due Date : 01-31-08
Shop can not be performed BEFORE 01-31-08

Available Shops:
* AL: Mobile, Montgomery->

* FL: Jacksonville, Lakeland, Miami->

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