Saturday, January 26, 2008

EntreCard Contests

Wow, there are so many EntreCard contests going on! I just recently got started on this site, but I have to tell you that I can really see the potential to increase traffic at a dramatic rate.

AndroidGuys is running a contest to give away 1,750 EC points. For each task that you accomplish, they will give you a set number of entries into the contest.

AffiliateLounge is offering 500 EC to the first 40 people who post a link on their blog and follow his set criteria. He also has a great article on a great alternative to Digg. is running a contest to give away 500 credits weekly as well as link love to the winner of the contest each week. If you don't win one week, that's ok because you will still have a chance to win in the succeeding weeks.

IMOD is giving away 350 EC to anyone who blogs about his website and follows the set criteria. IMOD is run by Chris who spends his time blogging, chatting, developing websites and internet marketing. While dropping cards I came across his website and was really intrigued by the variety of posts that he has on his site. He has all kinds of posts on his site ranging from Entertainment to Technical. One post in particular that interested me was one where he talked about Free Advertising Spots on Job Farm.

FerrariDave is doing a contest where one lucky blogger will win 500EC by commenting on his posts and posting about the contest. Dave's site is primarily about motoring but he also has a Money Making Website called Buy Me A Ferrari.

Here's another great contest where DiggitLive is giving away 100 EC to the first 20 people to blog about his contest. He has a really funny article on how new blogs are attacked at EntreCard. I found this extremely funny to me because I experienced the same thing. Within minutes of joining, my ad queue was completely full and it appears that it is this way with most blogs.

With so many contests going on at EntreCard I think you owe it to yourself to check it out.

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