Saturday, December 15, 2007

Random Ranting of the day

I get so frustrated with the Post Office, and I dont' understand why they have to make things so confusing. When they did their last rate hike, they made some changes to the size requirement for first class letters. When it first changed, I was told that I could use the .58 cent stamps and that was all I needed. Back in October, apparently someone decided that this wasn't the way it should be done so they sent my shipments back to me. After having my shipments returned, I had to start going to the post office and having each package weighed and metered at the counter. Well, the new requirements are so confusing that everyone that I talk to tries to charge me something different and several times my Ebay shipments have been returned for "insufficient postage" because once they get to the back they are still confused. After the third time that my shipments were returned, I went to the post office and I was so upset that they finally tried to help me. They gave me a piece of paper that explains the confusion and told me that if I have any more problems to give this to the clerk and that should solve it. The piece of paper has definitely helped when explaining the situation, but I constantly run across grumpy clerks who don't want to take the time to run the postage. Excuse me, but isn't that their job? Do they not get paid an hourly wage? It's not the customers behind me who are grumpy, it's the clerks. In reality, it only takes about 5 minutes to post even my largest batch of shipments.

Now that the Christmas season is here, I feel terrible going to the post office and holding up the line but I don't know what else to do. Over the years, I have tried so many different methods of shipping to make things easier for everyone but there seems to be no other option but to go to the counter to have each package postmarked.

I just wish that I could go to the post office one day and not have to explain why I am there and have the clerk smile and say "Sure, I can help you with that".

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