Tuesday, November 20, 2007

StartXChange Free Traffic Exchange

I just found a new Traffic Exchange that is really great. Not only is it free but it's a good traffic boost. In the back office, you can add a profile and picture and participate in forums. It also allows you to add friends, (buddies) even communicate with them, whether they are your referrals or not. There is also a great TEAM approach to surfing which can benefit all members of a team.

The newsletter is actually a Blog, which is another format to generate traffic for yourself if you leave relevant comments. This is a manual traffic exchange that has true community flavor. They have done a GREAT job in “modernizing” the standard manual traffic exchange.

I’ve just started with this Free Traffic Exchange but their surfing seems almost interactive in the fact that you have to match the shapes in order to be able to surf(right now it's Thanksgiving related shapes). The timer is set at 10 seconds so credits add up fast, and the bonuses are great!! The opening surf screen provides a checklist. If you complete all of the items you can be eligible for some of those bonuses.

Check it out for yourself.

Happy Surfing...


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