Sunday, October 28, 2007

Super Surf Sunday Bonus

Super Surf Bonus is a fantastic new feature that lets members earn even more hits while surfing. The way this works is the winner takes an X percentage of all the hits generated by the other surfers in the competition. As people surf they see the value of the prize increases which grows even more as they surf. For example:

Lets say there are 10 people in the competition. The top prize winner will receive X percentage of the sum total of all the credits earned by the 9 people below him. And the second prize winner will receive credits from the 8 people below him and so on and so forth. It's like having a built-in downline of 10 people surfing for you. How much you win depends entirely on how much you and your competition surf.

On October 28, the winning percentage will be 50% and the number of people who will receive the super surf bonus is the Top 5. So, start surfing. You have about 14 hours to really add up some credits.

If you haven't already registered at, please register and you will automatically receive 200 credits.

Have fun! Check my blog on Monday morning for a complete list of the super surf winners.

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