Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Become a Certified Travel Agent

The promotions outlined below are geared toward building your success. Here's the recap;

Promotion Dates = October 1, 2007 thru October 31, 2007

All promotions will pay full enroller bonus, codes and matrix payments in your organization.

Points program - "Win a Cruise"

1. You earn 1 point for each new RTA that you enroll during the time frame above.
2. You earn 3 points for each new CTA that you enroll during the time frame above.
3. Earn 15 combined points and Traverus pays for your trip on the upcoming January, Royal Caribbean Cruise for members only. Earn 30 Points and we will pay for your significant other as well. You are responsible for your airfare.

Winners Circle -

For anyone not currently in the winner's circle, all you have to do is enroll 3 new reps in the next 30 days to be included into the winners circle.

90 Days to Success -

Here's what you have been asking for. You have all wanted to have value added to our $399.95 CTA package. Done!!! For every CTA that you enroll during the time frame shown above, that new CTA will not be billed again until they have been in the business for their first 90 days. That's right, when they enroll, their first due date for their monthly recurring will be pushed out 90 days. (Example: Enroll October 1, 2007 and you won't be billed again until January 1, 2008) They can build their business before they ever have to come out of pocket again. You, as the enroller earn full enroller bonus, codes, and we will pay out in the matrix for all of your new $399.95 CTA's! Everybody wins!! This is a great way for your new recruits to get in, get the advanced agent training and hit the road to success.

Now is the time for you to build your income for the Holidays and beyond. Take advantage of this great opportunity and watch your emails for the exciting schedules for calls this week. Let us help you build your business.

What a Great Incentive This Is!!!! Email me today at dena.traverus@yahoo.com

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